50th Episode Celebration: Turning Managers Into Leaders With Paul Teasdale

In this episode, Jimmy Burroughes and Paul Teasdale discuss the significant differences between managers and leaders. They explain that being a manager is about doing tasks right now while being a leader is about looking ahead and supporting long-term goals. They discuss how people can learn to be better leaders and warn about what can happen if companies don’t help their leaders learn and grow. They suggest creating a supportive place where people can learn to be better leaders, with resources that support each person on their path. This discussion offers practical strategies for enhancing leadership capabilities and inspiring positive transformations in professional and personal spheres.

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Connect with Paul Teasdale:
Web: https://paulteasdale.co.uk/


Episode highlights:

(0:00) Intro

(3:25) The struggle with managers and the distinction between management and leadership

(7:45) Challenges in leadership development within organizations

(11:10) The U-shaped development curve and its impact on leadership, contextualizing tools and frameworks for effective application

(16:44) Importance of practical frameworks and mentorship in leadership development

(19:30) The power of peer learning communities and psychological safety in overcoming leadership challenges

(22:41) Understanding the cognitive energy that leads to potential burnout

(26:42) Overcoming obstacles to leadership development, funding, and prioritization dilemma

(29:55) Underinvestment in leadership training, solutions, and future directions

(35:27) Outro


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