Episode 42: Navigating the Unknown: Equipping Leaders for a VUCA World With Andrew Barry

In this episode of The High Performance Leader, host Jimmy Burroughes is joined by Andrew Barry, CEO of Curious Lion, to explore the challenges and opportunities in high-performance leadership. They discuss the necessity for leaders to adapt to uncertain environments, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and developing elite cognition skills.


Andrew shares insights on how leaders can navigate low-data environments, emphasizing the shift from traditional leadership training to equipping leaders for present-day challenges. He discusses the significance of narrative thinking and its role in problem-solving, highlighting the power of storytelling in fostering connection and understanding. Listeners are encouraged to embrace failure as a learning opportunity and to prioritize continuous growth and development. 


In 2017, Andrew was the Head of Content for KPMG’s Executive Education, and before that, he spent a decade training leaders at KPMG. He has studied the concept of human potential deeply; he believes that everyone is born with the potential and ability to do anything they set their minds to. This is his purpose in life, and the driving force behind the culture of Curious Lion: to enable others to reach their potential. This purpose is what motivates him to live a curious life centered around learning and self-actualization.


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Web: https://curiouslionlearning.com/

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The Learning Culture Podcast: https://curiouslionlearning.com/tcl-podcast/


Episode Highlights:

(3:40) Challenges in operating as a leader in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world

(6:07) Practical tips and strategies for navigating low data environments

(10:16) The importance of narrative thinking and storytelling in leadership

(16:30) Addressing skill gaps in leadership, including radical accountability

(19:47) Creating a learning culture within organizations

(22:46) Shifting from traditional training to continuous learning processes

(28:33) Overview of Andrew's podcast, The Learning Culture Podcast

(33:09) Outro

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