Episode 41: The Performance Difference Between Knowing And Doing

In this episode, host Jimmy Burroughes delves into the concept of the "knowing-doing gap" and its impact on leadership and team performance. The gap arises when individuals and teams possess knowledge about what's right but struggle to align their actions with that knowledge. He explores the reasons behind this misalignment, emphasizing the need for effective prioritization and alignment of personal values with actions. Remember, prioritizing effectively, aligning values, and embracing controlled failure can increase team wisdom and performance. 


Episode Highlights:

(1:27) What is the knowing and doing gap?

(4:17) Why does the gap happen?

(7:24) Embracing controlled failure for team empowerment

(9:14) Shifting leadership dynamics: from knowing to exploring

(11:19) Reflective practices and lessons learned

(13:00) Outro

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