Episode 39: Transformative Change Leadership with Allison Ness

In this week’s episode, I am joined by Allison Ness, a Global People and Culture Consultant and an experienced Transformational Change Leader known for leading organisational change in complex and fast-paced organisations. Allison leads the execution of future-proofed people strategies focused on transforming leadership, culture, and capability to create business resilience and differentiation. The discussion revolves around transformational change leadership and its impact on leaders working in complex environments. Allison emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and mindset in navigating change successfully. 


She is highly experienced in coaching and mentoring C-Suite executives, designing and establishing new P&C operating models, leading HR functions and high-performing teams; serving as a thought leader on People and Culture to C-Suite Executives, understanding business strategic context and operational challenges; providing direction and expertise in leading change, implementing best practice and fit for purpose solutions; delivering value and impact on employee experiences, specialising in organisational design and change, talent acquisition, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, new ways of working (FOW), and risk & compliance management. 


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Episode Highlights:

(0:00) Intro

(2:16) Allison shares her passion for transformation, change, and leadership

(6:51) Exploring why transformational change leadership is a game-changer

(13:41) Challenges in transformational leadership, including the role of mindset

(18:15) The power of vulnerability in building trust and reducing burnout

(24:18) Stories illustrating the impact of vulnerability in leadership

(30:25) Current trends and developments in the field of transformational leadership

(34:45) Self-reflection is key to change

(36:38) What’s the best way to connect with Allison

(38:24) Outro

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