Episode 37: C8 Unveiled: The Ultimate Model For Personal And Team Transformation

Have you ever felt the need for change but were unsure where to start? In this episode, Jimmy explores the transformative power of the C8 Change Framework, breaking down the key steps needed for personal and organizational change. This episode is a journey from introspection to action, exploring the critical steps needed for personal and team success. Whether you're looking to overhaul your life or just tweak your daily habits, you'll learn how to contemplate your purpose, commit with clear intentions, and cultivate the consistency that turns ambitions into achievements. As we navigate through these stages, I share anecdotes and client experiences that bring each element to life, so make sure you tune in.


Episode Highlights:

(0:00) Intro

(3:43) Contemplate: introspection

(5:07)Commit: create the intention to change

(5:57) Consistency: show up even on the tough days

(9:25) Curiosity: explore new things and do things you haven’t done before

(10:25) Community: find your tribe

(11:28) Course Correction: be flexible

(12:52) Celebration: celebrate both big and small wins

(14:43) Quick recap

(15:38) Outro

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