Episode 34: Shiageto Consulting - The 3 key elements of high performance with Faris Aranki

Unlock the secret formula to team success with Faris Aranki as we dissect the crucial blend of intellectual, emotional, and focus quotients that propel organizations forward. Faris is a mastermind who transitioned from shaping young minds as a high school teacher to strategizing corporate triumphs. He shares his patented model for revolutionizing our perception and building effective teams. We talk about the importance of emotional intelligence in team effectiveness and the continuous effort required for sustained success. Faris's equation provides a practical framework for leaders to evaluate and enhance their team dynamics, emphasizing the importance of external perspectives and ongoing improvement. Get ready to learn why juggling too many goals can be your downfall and how zeroing in on a select few can lead to groundbreaking achievements.


Faris Aranki is the founder and CEO of Shiageto Consulting. Having spent over 20 years delivering strategic change for the corporate and non-corporate worlds (as a top-tier strategy consultant, non-exec director, educator, and in-house strategist), Faris has experienced first-hand the fine differences between strategic success and failure. His work has spanned numerous companies (from global behemoths to small start-ups) in numerous countries across various sectors (including energy, banking, consumer goods, telco and media, government, automotive, and education), supporting them all to unlock strategic success.  Faris believes that any firm or team can adopt these improvements; all it requires is a little of the right support - something Shiageto provides!


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Episode highlights:

(0:00) Intro

(2:31) Faris shares his journey from strategy consultant to running his own firm, focusing on strategic effectiveness

(4:37) Faris breaks down the three elements of team effectiveness: IQ, EQ, and FQ

(7:04) The most common area teams overlook is EQ, and Faris shares examples of its impact

(12:01) Faris provides insights for CEOs on assessing IQ, EQ, and FQ within their teams

(16:05) Overcoming resistance points in involving teams and the importance of creating a safe conversation space

(19:21) Teams can experience a decline in effectiveness over time, and Faris shares a case where founders needed a reset

(22:20) The importance of continuous effort after a program, likening it to a gym membership

(25:45) Faris's key takeaway: Involve more people in sharing ideas and strategies

(27:10) Outro

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