Building high-performance cultures


We help senior leaders to create a team that achieves greater success, boosts your profile, and helps you all get your weekends and evenings back!

Culture is no longer a fluffy HR thing. It is the key to unlocking the performance and potential of your organisation. If you're a senior leader who is looking for a performance edge, culture is an essential part of your toolkit. 

A high-performance culture is built through three factors - Trust, Connection and Purpose

But how do you access it

Perhaps you need external support to facilitate the important conversations your teams need to have to achieve these three factors?

Or perhaps you aren't sure how to start the conversation?

Maybe it is just more effective for an outsider to lead it?

Whatever your situation, we are experts in helping you to create a high-performance team which delivers the results you want through the Ways of Working Program.

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Our programme is for you and your team if…


- You've traditionally been a group of high performers but something has changed and you're struggling to reach the results you want. 

- People keep burning out or leaving the team so you're constantly recruiting not working on the things that matter. 

- You spend your days fighting fires but want to focus on the more important, strategic things.

- You have high aspirations for your team but aren't sure how to access their horsepower, so you're doing it all alone. 

- You struggle with alignment so everyone is clear on who does what and why everyone is doing what they do.

- You see members of your team working in silos or have a team of champions but not a champion team. 

- You've been on courses before but struggled to implement what you learned in the context of your own team and want some support.



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- A high-performance team that generates more profits and has happier, more engaged, long-serving team members. 

- 24 hours of immersive, experiential facilitated workshops over 4 months, with a focus on actions centred on your specific business context. 

- Detailed assessments at the start and finish so you can see the change and ROI.   Artefacts from every session become reference documents for later.   

- Access to the Global WoW Leadership Mastermind Community for cohort leaders to share ideas, insights, and experiences with leaders just like you. 

- Recordings of all virtual workshops so you can look back, catch up or share content with new team members. 

- Behind-the-scenes 1:1 support on what matters to you most, to ensure your success as a leader.  

- One-up leadership team briefings and real stakeholder engagement support to help to get your boss on board with the program and support your team.  

This isn't a training program. This is rewiring the way your team think and operates, completely tailored to your unique context. 




Here we set the scene for your team’s performance culture journey. We kick off some high impact exercises designed to immediately create cohesion and collective thinking.

We focus on purpose, goals, objectives, and how this program is going to make a difference.  The leadership team may / may not have confidence that everyone is aligned.

This module is about starting strong and reduces ambiguity or multiple perspectives across the team. 




Key activities focus on really picking up momentum and performance by equipping you with all the elements you need to progress.

Working with you or your HR team, we target the areas that need most development to allow your team to accelerate.

The end of this module  is the point where the team has a team charter (Ways of Working) and is already seeing the difference start to happen in their results and interactions. 





Here we move our focus to sustaining growth beyond the program. How do we take what we have learned thus far as a toolkit to keep building our momentum.

We grow skills to face workplace challenges, such as having difficult conversations, leading other stakeholders, and dealing with complexity.

Team members leave the program with clarity on next steps and their role in helping the team continue to grow and develop.




Book a call where we can see if there is a fit between what we offer and the challenges you currently have

- Kickoff workshop with everyone including sponsors

- 3 modules comprised of interactive workshops and integration sessions  



What if I don’t need / want to do all of the program?

We have designed the program to cater to all of the key elements to get results. Based on your team assessment, we have a suite of modules (Labs) from which we will recommend the most relevant to maximise your development journey as a team. Part of of the program is about connecting and building trust with each other so we recommend the time allowance and investment in allowing this to happen.  

Is there a payment plan?

Yes we can offer a range of payment processes. Typically we charge in full or ⅓ on signing of your contract, ⅓ after the first workshop and ⅓ after the final workshop.


We can’t take a full day out of the office for training

We get it. Some businesses are operationally frantic, others have shift patterns that need to be worked around. We can chunk down the sessions into 6 X half day blocks and run sessions to suit your timezone and calendar. This is the minimum time to get people really focussed and connected.


Is this virtual or in person?

We can do both. We recommend having a least one module in person where possible - to allow connection and deeper conversations, however we can and do regulalrly manage workshops in person, virtually or a combination of both to suit your needs. 


Can you scale to train larger organisations?

Absolutely. We have a team of facilitators positioned globally and because much of the content is self paced, it is delivered by people’s smartphones / tablets when they want it. We connect for the important discussions. 


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