How to stop drowning in your Task List and Become a High-Impact Leader

Apr 23, 2024

Do you ever feel yourself buried under an avalanche of tasks? Your to-do list shocks you with its ever-growing length. A constant undercurrent of urgency/emergency lies just beneath the surface, creating a sense of anxiety in your stomach every morning when you wake up. 

This, unfortunately, is the reality for many managers who get stuck in a cycle of doing instead of leading. They become bottlenecks for progress, hindering not only their own success but also their team's growth.

Picture yourself flailing in deep water, consumed by the primal urge to stay afloat. You thrash around, tunnel vision locked on the next breath, completely missing the life vest a teammate is desperately trying to throw you. This is what happens when you're drowning in tasks – the frantic struggle for survival blocks out the very help that could save you and propel you forward. Without a clear head, your perspective narrows, and rational decision-making goes out the window. You become reactive instead of proactive, missing valuable opportunities for growth and innovation.

Why are you drowning?

Several factors contribute to this all-too-common scenario:

  • The "Monkey on Your Back" Mentality: Whenever a problem surfaces, some leaders feel compelled to take it on themselves, accumulating a burdensome collection of "monkeys" that drain their time and energy.
  • Fear of Letting Go: Trusting your team and empowering them to take ownership can be a challenge. The belief that "if you want it done right, do it yourself" can be a seductive but ultimately counterproductive mantra.
  • The "Busy Badge of Honour": Our culture often equates busyness with productivity, neglecting the importance of strategic thinking and focusing on high-value activities. We wear our overflowing schedules like a badge of honor, forgetting that true leadership lies in guiding, not doing.

Breaking Free: The High-Impact Leader's Mindset

The path to becoming a high-impact leader requires a metamorphosis. You need to shed the "doer" mentality and embrace the power of "leading." Here are some key strategies to jumpstart your transformation:

Prioritization with Purpose: We all juggle too many things. That's why our programs incorporate the PVC Model (Purpose, Value, Capacity) to help prioritize ruthlessly. 

  • Purpose: Clearly define the "why" behind your involvement in a task. If the purpose isn't clear or essential to your core function, delegate or eliminate it altogether.
  • Value: Consider the value created by your involvement. Are there other tasks that could benefit more from your unique skills and experience?
  • Capacity: Do you realistically have the bandwidth to take on this task effectively? Don't overload yourself at the expense of quality or focus.

Protect Your Time: Treat your time as a precious, finite resource. Schedule dedicated time for reflection and strategic thinking. Ask yourself:

  • Where are tasks getting stuck on my plate? What are the bottlenecks?
  • What is the most critical thing that needs to happen this week?

Empower and Delegate: Trust your team members! Delegate tasks and empower them to take ownership. Start small, let them learn from their mistakes and celebrate their successes.

Build Trust: Strong team relationships are the bedrock of effective delegation. Invest time in building trust with your team members. This goes beyond watercooler conversations. Get to know them, understand their aspirations, talents, and potential.

Transitioning to a more empowering leadership style takes consistent effort, but the rewards are immeasurable. You'll not only reclaim your sanity and free up your time for strategic thinking, but you'll also watch your team flourish and your impact soar; leading to the rewards, recognition and results you deserve. 

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